Entrepreneurs Success Workshop

If you are an ENTREPRENEUR, your business is about client appointments, getting new leads, servicing the clients you have, marketing and trying to figure out where the income will come from to keep you in business and pay the bills.

Are you exhausted? Have you become complacent about the details of your business? Or, are you just treading water?

So why is that exactly?

It may be a few things — Your mindset, too much clutter in your life, no clear vision… maybe you just need to refocus on your financial goals and come up with a new business strategy.


If you want to hack our brains and download 60+ years of combined sales and management experience – this is your chance to brainstorm with Michele Foster and Lynn Albro for 6 weeks. Not only will we have weekly online meetings – we will provide learning guides and homework.

Michele Foster was in corporate sales for many years and is now successfully working as a fitness coach, nutritionist and health & wellness coach. Today she lives the freedom lifestyle; working from home and traveling to be with family and friends.

Lynn Albro worked for many years as district manager of a retail chain, managing human resource offices, and 15 years as Operations Manager of family business. Today she works from home providing marketing services for clients, selling real estate and spending time with family.

Over this 6 week course, we will be going over the following steps to JUMPSTART YOUR SUCCESS:

Step 1 ~ Mindset

  • What is mindset
  • Why brains and talent don’t bring success
  • What is fixed mindset
  • What is growth mindset
  • How to focus on growth mindset

Step 2 ~ Clear out the clutter, and organize

  • Make a list of things that you do everyday
  • Divide that into 3 lists – high priority, medium priority, not a priority
  • Make a list of things in your life that need to be organized; computer files, contact lists, desk drawers, etc.

Step 3 ~ Vision Statement

  • What is a vision statement
  • What is the difference between a vision statement and a mission statement
  • When should a vision statement be written and why
  • How do you identify your core values for a vision statement
  • What problems do you hope to overcome in the next 90 days – 12 months – 5 years

Step 4 ~ Building Successful Business Relationships

  • Networking vs Relationship building
  • Building relationships in diverse ways
  • Focus on what you can contribute
  • Hone your social skills
  • Make relationship building a way of life.

Step 5 ~ Business Strategy

  • What is the scope of your business activities?
  • What is the best that you have to offer?
  • What is a realistic goal for growth, 90 days ~ 12 months ~ 5 years?
  • How can you be competitive with your competition?
  • How can you differentiate yourself from your competition?

Step 6 ~ Financial Goals

  • What is your bottom line – is your accounting set up?
  • Do you know how to read a profit and loss?
  • How much money do you need to meet your basic living expenses?
  • Beyond basic, what is your lifestyle goal?
  • How are you going to reach that lifestyle goal?

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